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About DeepCoat

DeepCoat was founded in 1981 with the sole purpose of EMI shielding. We design & manufacture EMI shielding for a wide range of applications from board level shields for the military to coating large molded medical enclosures. Our coatings are also utilized for shielding fiber optic & electronic connectors, instrument cases & communications equipment.

DeepCoat pioneered "in chamber" RFI plasma pretreatment to enhance metal adhesion. DeepCoat also developed & patented a 4 layer shielding coating consisting of stainless steel then 2 layers of copper over coated with another layer of stainless steel.

DeepCoat's research & development produced many additional patents using vacuum deposited metals for EMI shielding. DeepCoat's vacuum metallization process has been proven over the last 25 years to be a highly effective metal coating for a variety of shielding applications. The specialized DeepCoat vacuum metallization process allows for the application of up to 4 different layers of various metals. Over 20 microns of metal can be applied to even the most complex plastic shapes without adhesion issues.

DeepCoat's ability to apply many different metal combinations can help you maximize shielding effectiveness on your products.

  EMI/RFI Shielding
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EMI/RFI Shielding

Watch a brief tour of the DeepCoat facility.

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