Deep Coat’s core competencies lie in the areas of vacuum metallization, masking and tooling development, and thermoforming inserts for metallization. Check out the different areas of expertise that we offer services in.

35+ Years of EMI/RFI shielding

EMI Shielding

Deep Coat provides a wide range of EMI shielding from a variety of metal coatings.

Deep Coat provides custom EMI reduction solutions via our coating’s reflection, absorption, and grounded Faraday cage capabilities.

What’s the purpose of EMI Shielding? The overall goal is either to isolate a product from EMI generated by outside influences or protect the environment from EMI generated by a product. For example, in the Medical industry, EMI shielding around an MRI machine would protect against generated EMI otherwise capable of destroying other sensitive electrical pieces of equipment. However, in the Military industry, it may protect a piece of equipment from jamming or an EMP. Deep Coat’s current customers exist in many different environments that require EMI shielding, which has given us the expertise required to effectively shield a wide range of products and applications.

7 metals available for coating

Vacuum Metallization

Deep Coat has six vacuum chambers available for coating products, three Quad-Fire (up to four different metal layers per vacuum draw) and three Dual-Fire (up to two different metal layers). The company was founded on the back of the patented Quad-Fire process, which allows us to provide multiple shielding capabilities in one efficient vacuum process. We can provide an array of common metals in the same batch, within the boundaries set by galvanic corrosion, while avoiding the opportunity for oxidation between metal layers.

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3D printed sample masking
for fast turnaround

Custom Designed Masking

We have engineers on hand to custom mold masking to get the perfect fit for your product

Deep Coat is staffed with engineers trained in custom masking design to get the perfect fit for your product. Their work ensures your product gets the metal coverage it needs while minimizing voids and over-coating. In addition to our design capabilities, we have in-house 3D printing and third-party relationships to ensure appropriate masking detail is applied to your product.

In-house thermoforming capabilities


Deep Coat also produces thermoformed plastics to craft single or double-sided EMI shields. We have on-premise thermo-forming equipment and relationships with third-party thermo-forming vendors for additional throughput on high volume product lines.

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