Deep Coat provides the most convenient way to obtain precision PCB shielding for your electronic products. We have highly advanced equipment, as well as a network of reliable vendors, that we utilize to provide the highest caliber EMI shielding capabilities anywhere.

Custom Circuit Board Shielding Services

To develop a functioning PCB, electromagnetic compatibility must be a focus of the process. As PCB layouts shrink due to advances in component technologies, keeping components isolated from the EMI generated by the device has grown in importance. Using either our dual-fire or our patented quad-fire vacuum metalization process, we can produce incredibly precise PCB EMI shield solutions that will comply with the strictest manufacturing requirements. With nearly four decades of experience providing circuit board EMI shielding to a diverse range of industries, Deep Coat has built steadfast relationships with plastic molding, 3D printing, and thermoforming specialists. These partnerships provide us with valuable support for our custom circuit board shielding processes. Not only does this combination of a vendor network and our unique EMI capabilities create unparalleled configuration options, but it also allows for a low-cost PCB shield.

This process also covers radio frequency (RF) shielding for PCBs which protects against additional sources of potential electromagnetic interference.


The Deep Coat Approach

Our team utilizes specialized vacuum metalization equipment to thinly coat surfaces with multiple types of metals. When it comes to PCB shielding, we can provide metalized covers in any reasonable shape or size to fit the components you’re trying to protect; our shielding can either be optimized to prevent internally generated signals from interfering with other components on the PCB or optimized to protect specific components from externally generated noise. Our vacuum metalization process avoids paint suspensions, which gives us the flexibility to achieve both ultra-thin coatings as well as thicker coatings.

If you have any questions about our PCB EMI shielding development capabilities, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help you with your circuit board shielding needs.