Decorative EMI Shielding & Over-Coating

Internally, Deep Coat specializes solely in coatings for EMI shielding. However, our peers in the decorative coating fields are able and willing to work with us and our customers to provide decorative over-coatings after shielding is completed.

Deep Coat Decorative Over-Coating

Due to the difference in thicknesses required for EMI shielding and decorative coating, as well as the typical base layers required for decorative finishes, Deep Coat does not offer in-house decorative metalizing solutions; i.e. our coating scale is much larger than would be employed to create automotive headlights or mirrors. However, Deep Coat has partnered with other coaters and vacuum metalizers to offer decorative EMI shielding to our customers. We can provide EMI shielded products with decorative finishes as a result of our combined abilities.

Based on your product’s needs, we can develop the tooling and masking to: EMI shield the inside of the housing while decorative coating the outside of the housing, EMI shield the outside of the housing and decorative coat over the shielded layer(s) of metal, or EMI shield the entire housing and selectively add decorative coatings as requested.

In addition to decorative EMI coatings, we can work with our network to provide insulative coatings that have shown promise in protecting electronic components from EMI shields that otherwise would have violated minimum electrical clearance.

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