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The cloud computing industry is one of the fastest growing fields in modern technology. Dealing with the on-demand accessibility of computer system resources, these companies keep business operations running smoothly across the globe. With such an important role in modern society, EMI shielding is undoubtedly essential for protecting cloud computing applications. The following are some of the ways in which cloud computing technology is used in the business world and why protecting these pieces of equipment with Deep Coat’s EMI shielding coatings is crucial to success. 

To start, cloud computing in business heavily revolves around the use of data centers. These facilities handle the storage and distribution of company data—making them a key component in the growth and development of various areas of our modern infrastructure. They also provide companies with the necessary servers, analytics, and networking capabilities to complete their projects. Providing this service requires high-functioning circuit boards and hard drives. Many of these devices can have components that are highly vulnerable to electromagnetic interference and static build-up – which can reduce equipment performance or even entirely erase data. 

In such cloud computing applications, EMI shielding resolves this issue by using a metallic coating to absorb, reflect, and divert the excess electrical energy in the air around your equipment. These metal panels conduct that energy so that your more sensitive electronics remain unaffected and function properly. Depending on the frequencies of the interference, Deep Coat can recommend different combinations of metal for your unique shielding needs. When necessary, our customized solutions can ensure the most protection for your specific equipment. 

Deep Coat has set out to offer some of the most effective EMI shielding services for cloud computing applications on the market. Our customizable products use vacuum-deposited metals to maximize shielding effectiveness and ensure the equipment in data centers is protected and secure. Deep Coat has specialized vacuum metallization processes that allow us to apply up to four different layers of conductive metal to your most sensitive electronics. With our time-tested processes, equipment, and team, we’re confident in our ability to provide superior protection for your circuit boards, equipment cases, and racks. 

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