Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can cause complications ranging from temporary disturbances to the complete failure of electronic devices, equipment, and interconnected systems.

What is EMI Shielding and Why Is It Important?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding is the process of reducing the effects of an electromagnetic field by blocking it with barriers made of conductive or magnetic materials. Well-designed EMI shields will reflect, absorb, or redirect a wide range of electric or magnetic fields. Typically, EMI shielding is most effective when electrical devices and components are entirely isolated from their surroundings within a metal enclosure. This restricts the undesirable transfer of energy between mediums that must operate independently, such as an optical fiber to another nearby cable. In electronics and telecommunications, this interaction is called coupling, and it can cause a host of unwanted effects with potentially devastating consequences. The effectiveness of EMI shielding is determined by many factors such as:

  • Enclosure material
  • Thickness
  • Total volume/size of the shielded element
  • Type and frequency of the undesired field
  • The size, shape, and orientation of any apertures in the shielding

Today’s modern society would be impossible without the ability to control the effects of electromagnetic interference. For data centers, EMI shielding solutions are obviously essential, but it is also critical in a diverse range of industries such as medical, agricultural, and military. The effects of electromagnetic interference can be so devastating to a society that many consider the deployment of EMI with the intent to cause damage to be an act of war.

Deep Coat’s Custom EMI Shielding Solutions

Our team of experienced researchers and developers provide custom EMI shielding solutions to a wide range of customers, each with unique and highly specialized needs. We have two engineered approaches:

  1. Dual-fire: This method allows for two layers of metal in a single vacuum draw.
  2. Quad-fire: This method allows for a combination of up to four different layers of metal in a single vacuum draw.

With our advanced equipment capable of performing the vacuum metalization process, we can accommodate single layer coatings as well as multiple layers of the same metal to meet all your custom EMI shielding needs.

Vacuum Metalized EMI Shielding Coatings

Vacuum metalizing is an advanced coating method that provides a powerful solution for shielding enclosures and components from electromagnetic interference. Deep Coat Industries’ EMI coating services deliver a continuous shielding layer that attenuate any electromagnetic or radio waves coming into or out of a device.

Conductive Paint EMI Shielding Coating

One EMI shielding alternative to vacuum metalizing is using conductive paints. These specialized EMI blocking paints provide an easy-to-apply solution for reducing the effects of any electromagnetic waves coming into or out of an enclosure or device. EMI shielding effectiveness relies on paint thickness and uniformity. If you require a conductive paint to be applied to your product, Deep Coat can help you manage that project through our partner network.

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