Medical Device EMI Shielding

Deep Coat’s unique, patented process of vacuum metalization gives medical professionals across the world the confidence they need to focus on and make the right decisions. Effective EMI shielding in medical devices is critical to the smooth operation of any medical facility as well as to the health of their patients. When electromagnetic interference influences medical devices, it can be damaging and even life-threatening to the patient for many reasons, such as ventilators delivering irregular breathing rates or monitoring devices showing inaccurate data.  

The good news is that Deep Coat’s testing methods are readily replicated, documented, and are RoHS, REACH, and WEEE compliant. Deep Coat’s standard coating packages are UL approved on several plastic types. We regularly work with UL to ensure our customer’s medical devices meet all relevant safety and traceability requirements. We work with several medical manufacturers to develop the right approach to EMI shielding for their medical devices that will empower them to gain access to all available markets. If you have any questions about our vacuum metalization process, please contact our team.