Medical Device EMI Shielding

EMI in Healthcare Technology

While Deep Coat’s innovative electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding technology and vacuum metallization process have many applications, none are more significant than in the medical field. Anyone who has been in a medical facility with modern technology has experienced the effects of medical EMI protection—even if they’re unaware of this fact.

EMI and radio frequency interference (RFI) can occur to any electronics in any field—even medical technology. In modern health care, machines and electronics are necessary to perform crucial medical tests and basic tasks like observation.

Modern health care relies on innovative technology—from MRI machines to ventilators to CAT scans and EMG procedures—for the health and safety of all patients. Naturally, these essential technologies and medical equipment are also vulnerable to EMI, which is why medical EMI shielding is vital.


How EMI Can Disrupt Medical Technology

EMI is the disruption of signals and transmissions of information from an outside source—also known as radio frequency interference (RFI). EMI comes from the close relationship between electricity and magnetism; electrical flow produces a small magnetic field, and if this field interacts with another electrical flow (other electronic equipment), it causes disruption.

Hospitals and medical facilities are filled with machines and technologies that can produce EMI, so without sufficient medical EMI protection, much of the equipment medical personnel rely on would be ineffective. To keep electronic medical equipment and patients’ health safe, hospitals need medical EMI shielding.


Deep Coat’s Medical Applications

Deep Coat’s unique, patented process of vacuum metalization gives medical professionals across the world the confidence they need to focus on and make the right decisions. Effective EMI shielding in medical devices is critical to the smooth operation of any medical facility as well as to the health of their patients. Deep Coat’s metalization process protects medical technology printed circuit boards (PCBs) by both reflecting and absorbing EMI from external sources—shielding the PCB from outside interference and preventing its magnetic field from interfering with others.

Deep Coat’s testing methods are readily replicated, documented, and are RoHS, REACH, and WEEE compliant. Deep Coat’s standard coating packages are UL approved on several plastic types. We regularly work with UL to ensure our customer’s medical devices meet all relevant safety and traceability requirements. We work with several medical manufacturers to develop the right approach to EMI shielding for their medical devices that will empower them to gain access to all available markets.

If you have any questions about our vacuum metalization process, EMI shielding, or medical technology applications for EMI shielding, feel free to contact our team.