EMI Shielding for Agriculture

Deep Coat’s innovative and effective electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding technology is applicable to a wide range of industries, from medical technology to military equipment. Another industry where EMI shielding is critical is the agricultural industry.

Agriculture relies on effective electronic equipment as any other industry today, so EMI shielding for agriculture is crucial to every aspect of the industry from harvesting crops to planting seeds. In agriculture, time is precious and even the most minor setbacks can cause severe delays in the supply chain that ensures food arrives at our grocery stores on time.

Deep Coat Technology and the Agricultural Industry

Deep Coat works with clients all over the country that operate within the agricultural industry to provide them with effective EMI shielding solutions for their communications and field equipment. The agricultural industry, like every industry today, relies on modern technology for many of the daily tasks and communications necessary for effective operations. EMI shielding materials for farming are as crucial as any other tool a farmer may use.

Farmers frequently use devices that utilize Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other signal types. Without sufficient EMI shielding for agriculture, these electronics could malfunction and fail—causing significant setbacks and delays to the agricultural industry. Deep Coat’s effective EMI shielding provides a valuable layer of support for farmers across the country.

How EMI Shielding is Used in Agriculture

Our patented vacuum metalization process allows us to shield the communications devices used by farmers every day from signal interference. The vacuum metalization process ensures that electronic equipment reflects and absorbs external EMI so signals in the agricultural field are transmitted without disruption. Our RFI shielding for farming equipment services also can be used to protect tools in the field.

In the dry summer months, farming equipment can be vulnerable to electrostatic discharge, which puts personnel and equipment at risk. EMI coatings for agriculture, like the ones provided by Deep Coat, help protect equipment from electrostatic discharge, which can spark fires and harm employees, wildlife, and equipment. EMI shielding isn’t just about effective equipment and operations—but industrial safety as well.

Our team has the knowledge necessary to provide customized EMI shielding services that will benefit any business within the agricultural industry for years to come. Whatever type of farming business you have, you need to be sure that your equipment always functions properly without external EMI disrupting essential electronics.

If you have any questions about the vacuum metalization process or our agricultural EMI shielding for farming equipment, our team is on hand with helpful answers about our EMI shielding technology. Contact our team today to learn more.