Deep Coat works with clients all over the country that operate within the agricultural industry to provide them with effective EMI shielding solutions for their communications and field equipment. Our patented vacuum metalization process allows us to shield the communications devices used by farmers every day from signal interference. Farmers frequently use devices that utilize Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other signal types; our equipment for EMI shielding can provide extra support to keep their communications secure. Effective EMI shielding provides a valuable layer of support for farmers across the country.

Our EMI shielding services for agricultural equipment also can be used to protect tools in the field. In the dry summer months, farming equipment can be vulnerable to electrostatic discharge, which puts personnel and equipment at risk. EMI coatings, like the ones provided by Deep Coat, help protect equipment from electrostatic discharge, which can spark fires and harm employees, wildlife, and equipment. Our team has the knowledge necessary to provide customized EMI shielding services that will benefit any business within the agricultural industry for years to come. If you have any questions about the vacuum metalization process or our agricultural EMI shielding for farming equipment, contact our team today to learn more.