Vacuum Metalization of Thermoformed Plastics


Deep Coat is uniquely positioned to perform vacuum metalization on thermoformed plastic surfaces to provide electromagnetic interference shielding for conventionally difficult applications. We have several active patents for our process of providing plastic thermoformed products with effective EMI/RFI shielding. Plastics have become incredibly popular in the design of electronics for many different reasons, including reduced weight and cost, improved freedom and breadth of design possibilities, and simplified production processes. However, plastic materials are deficient in one crucial area—EMI shielding. Plastic is essentially invisible to electromagnetic radiation, and certain strategic materials can be too smooth or slick for you to effectively deposit directly onto, which means introducing EMI shielding in other ways is a necessity.

The Deep Coat Advantage

Our metalized, thermoformed insert shields can be a highly effective type of shielding for housings and assemblies made of materials that aren’t compatible with coating techniques. Coating any material with high lubricity, flame-retardant infusion, or highly complex shapes can be difficult no matter what method you use. In these cases, an insert that can provide effective shielding is an attractive option. Metalized thermoformed shields are also highly effective options for shielding circuit board components. They can be clipped or gasketed onto the boards in scenarios where soldering a metal shield to the board would be prohibitive. And if frequent access to the product’s electronics is important, our thermoformed housings provide much more convenient access than the rigid injection molded plastics. So, if you need a housing that is easily disassembled and yet provides complete EMI shielding, Deep Coat has the solution!

The Cost-Effective Choice

Thermoformed housings can also deliver much lower costs than injection molded housings, which can be a significant differentiator in the sale of electronic devices. We offer services for designing the production thermoforming dies, providing low-cost/low-volume prototype dies for sampling, and simplifying the supply chain by forming the plastic in the same facility as the metalizing activity. In addition to designing the thermoforming die, we also provide custom masking designs to achieve the perfect fit for your product.

Please call the team at Deep Coat today for more information on our process of vacuum metalizing on thermoformed plastics. We’d love to hear from you.