Custom Vacuum Metalizing Services

The team at Deep Coat Industries provides professional physical vapor deposition for a variety of industries and applications. Read about our vacuum metalizing process below.

What is the Vacuum Metalizing Process?

Vacuum metalization is a specialized technique for coating the surface of objects with a layer of metal. It involves vaporizing a source material and reassembling it onto an object within a vacuum chamber. Also known as vacuum deposition, the process works by heating a source metal or chemical until it vaporizes. This can involve many different variations of heating methods such as a high-energy electron, plasma beams, or resistance heating. Deep Coat specializes in physical vapor deposition, using electrical resistance heating to sublimate a source metal directly into vapor. Our vacuum metalizing services follow these general steps.

  1. Tooling
    Deep Coat’s team of engineers have a deep level of expertise developing custom tooling elements to hold your product in place while achieving the perfect fit for it. Our priority here is increasing efficiency by creating a solution that achieves maximum coverage.
  2. Surface Pre-treatment and Loading
    Deep Coat utilizes a unique plasma treatment for clearing the surface of any localized static and other microscopic debris. We also address larger surface irregularities through ceramic stone-tumbling machines as well as sand, bead, and glass media blasting equipment. If there are any foreign materials on the surface, the vaporized metals will attach to those instead of the actual surface, which could result in breakage and an ineffective coating.
  3. Vacuum Metalizing
    When in a vacuum environment, the boiling point for metals is lower. This makes it possible for the metal to sublimate and become vapor in the heating chamber. From here, it’s drawn in a single direction into the chamber that houses the product or item being metalized. We have six vacuum chambers—three quad-fire and three dual-fire, which allows for multiple shielding capabilities.
  4. Quality Inspection
    All parts will undergo a thorough inspection to ensure that each step of the process is as effective as possible. If not, we will reevaluate the results and adjust the process to accommodate until we reach the desired final product. Deep Coat adheres to 11 different UL certified processes, and our standards ensure that our work exceeds all expectations.

What are Applications of Vacuum Metalizing?

Vacuum metalizing and deposition provide a valuable solution for many industrial and manufacturing challenges. This process yields a coating that shields from electromagnetic interference (EMI), provides a protective barrier against moisture particles, offers unique reflective qualities, and has a wide range of other benefits. Deep Coat is fully equipped to utilize the vacuum metalizing process on plastic, glass, metals, and many other materials.

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