The Dangers of Electromagnetic Interference


The Dangers of Electromagnetic Interference

In today’s environment, the rapid increase in demand for electricity and technological availability leads to the development of more power lines and computer advancements every day. As a result, more pollution is being pumped into the environment, causing a litany of concerns among the general population. One question people often raise is whether or not electromagnetic interference has a negative impact on our health. After all, if it can harm our technology, should it not impact human biology as well?

Fact or Fiction?

Rumors suggesting that EMI leads to serious health effects such as tumors and cancer abound. Many people who fear this take precautions by placing their phones further away from them at night or banning certain electronics from their homes. But is there any truth to this? Unfortunately, we’re unable to give a definitive answer today. Experts don’t yet have the ability to confirm or deny the link between EMI and diseases such as cancer. Researches may have yet to prove direct biological effects, but EMI may still impact our overall health in several ways.

Hospital Equipment

One of the most prevalent dangers of EMI is the harm it can cause to health care equipment. The electromagnetic waves that radiate from our cell phones can easily interfere with medical equipment, and if this equipment stops working as a result, the consequences can be fatal. Outside the hospital, EMI is said to negatively interact with pacemakers. Whereas hospital signs warn us against using our cell phones on the premises, we can never be aware of what medical devices individuals may be using outside of hospital settings.

Free Radicals

People continue to debate the many medical worries associated with EMI, but many studies discuss the effects of electromagnetic fields on free radicals. Essentially, some of these studies argue that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields can increase the amount of free radicals in our systems and cause oxidative stress, which can have a negative effect on the body’s cells and proteins. Oxidative stress is known to cause ailments such as memory loss and joint pain.

The Solution

With every potential danger comes the need for a solution. In the case of electromagnetic interference, this solution comes in the form of EMI shielding. Processes such as vacuum metalizing services put many worries at ease, allowing us to go about our lives with the comfort of protected technology. If you’d like to learn more about what vacuum metalizing is, we give a comprehensive overview of the process on our website.