Custom-Fabricated Metalized Insert Shield

Deep Coat will work with our clients throughout the development, fabrication, and metalization stages of our insert shield creation process. With our custom-fabricated metalized insert shields, you can effectively protect your electronic devices from radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation interference, as well as electrostatic discharge. This can be difficult to do in certain situations with outdated solutions.

Traditional approaches, such as conductive paints, gaskets, and metal cans, are expensive. To reduce costs and increase defensive capabilities, our team developed specialized shielding methods. We can deliver complete protection for housings that would otherwise be incompatible with our vacuum metallization process. If the plastic material or certain surface features would otherwise prevent shielding, our custom-fabricated metalized insert shields can get the job done. Additionally, you should use insert shields if your devices operate in an environment near X-ray machines. This can protect your devices from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure, which plastic housings cannot do by themselves.

Cost-Effective and Complete EMI Shielding 

When shielding the exterior of a housing is not possible, we can fabricate and metalize an insert shield to fit inside the assembly itself. We have various tools at our disposal that allow us to optimize our approach, including thermoforming, 3D printing, and injection molding capabilities. Based on your shielding and minimum electrical clearance requirements, this array of technologies gives us comprehensive access to provide shielding on the inside or outside surfaces of your insert shield.