Custom Masking Products for Vacuum Metalizing

If there’s anything more important than protecting your devices with EMI shielding, it’s ensuring that these shields are up to the task. Should your shielding contain voids that allow noise to enter your system after assembly, your equipment will remain at a higher risk for EMI or RFI exposure. This is why Deep Coat seeks to provide only the best custom masking products for vacuum metalizing.

Deep Coat is excited to offer our customers 3D printed masking product solutions. These efforts ensure that metal is not deposited in keep-out areas during the vacuum metalization process. We have several in-house 3D printing capabilities we utilize to minimize voids and over-coating. We also cooperate with a network of suppliers who help us do the following:

  • Provide diecut masking plugs and gaskets 
  • Acquire mating components—for example, to protect connector pins from the metalized coating 
  • Lay tape or liquid masking solutions over difficult-to-mask surfaces 
  • Thermoform an insert that would block specific surfaces from becoming metalized 

These services, coupled with our supply of vacuum compatible masking materials, empowers us to form lasting, protective coatings over your equipment. So, even the most sensitive of devices can stay safe and operational for as long as you need them.

Achieving the Perfect Fit for Your Product 

Deep Coat’s team of engineers are highly trained and experienced in custom masking development and can make products that form to complex shapes and sizes . This stage is critical in the vacuum metallization process to guarantee that there are neither voids nor overspray in the shielding of your product. Attaining the perfect fit is essential to creating a masking device that will provide the proper EMI shielding capabilities for your product. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure that each piece of your equipment has nothing short of the highest quality protection.

For more information about our 3D-printed masking materials and process and how they can benefit you and your business, please contact Deep Coat at the information below.