Industrial Heat Shield Solutions

Industrial Heat Shield Solutions

Deep Coat Industries offers a collection of industrial heat shield solutions to provide for the protection and safety of people, projects, and products. Deep Coat is known and respected for our many other coating and shielding services. In particular, we provide electromagnetic interference shielding for electronic items like smartphones, communication devices, and other products. This safeguards the electronic and other components they cover and protect, thereby ensuring a longer life for these components (in addition to greater productivity). We also create heat-shielding barriers. Our industrial heat shield solutions resist and reduce the effects of radiant heat, no matter what the source is. Proper industrial heat shield solutions need to bounce back most (if not all) heat and persist in high-temperature conditions. They can also help machinery run cooler, requiring less fuel and greater efficiency. Some heat shielding is vital toward protecting individuals from the damaging and even fatal effects of high heat as well. The protective gear worn by firefighters and other emergency services personnel is usually equipped with heat-resistant shielding as well as other protective elements.

Deep Coat has, for well over four decades, come to be known and respected for its professionally applied coating and shielding products, in service to numerous industries—from the military to the world of medicine to the tech field to farming interests. Currently, we offer small-batch processing heat shield material for protective gear and other concerns. We offer and employ techniques and processes, such as thermoforming, injection molding, 3D printing, and more, to create the best and best-fitting shielding for your needs. We’ll also determine whether interior or exterior shielding (or both) is preferable as well as the optimal levels and layers of shielding necessary for the job.

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