EMI Shielding for the Military

Deep Coat’s military clients require highly specialized and effective EMI shielding for their equipment to consistently block interference from incoming and outgoing electromagnetic frequencies. Since militaries are now more technologically advanced than ever before, there are entirely new avenues of attack that were not previously possible. One such avenue of attack is performed on communication infrastructure as well as handheld devices used by military personnel. Advances in the complexity and effectiveness of electronic countermeasures, such as radar jamming and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks, are driving the need for greater protections against harmful EMI and RFI sources.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for the military is an essential—yet often underappreciated—tactic for securing devices and equipment. Deep Coat has worked on military EMI shielding applications ranging from personal communication devices and control module covers to fiber-optic systems and shielded enclosures.

Imagine a world where foreign adversaries can easily disrupt the communication channels of our men and women on the ground. Unfortunately, as devices get more complicated, they become more susceptible to interference and sabotage. For maximum security, we need to implement EMI shielding to protect against foreign military and civilian networks. This combination of concerns requires us to build in defenses against unwanted communication intercepts as well as maintain the integrity of the messages for the team. Soldiers should always be able to trust the information they receive, and our EMI shielding for the military makes that possible.

EMI shielding solutions are for more than just communication. Tanks, Humvees, and even aircraft may seem invincible at a glance, but their inner workings are as susceptible to electromagnetic interference as a handheld radio. On top of that, EMI can interfere with industrial control panels and even drones, which can jeopardize missions and remove the chance to complete operations from afar.

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