EMI Shielding Custom Applications

No matter your needs, Deep Coat Industries can step in and save the day with EMI shielding custom applications for power generation, medical, agricultural, and other industries. We also offer additional customization for our EMI shielding applications for the military. We work with the greatest precision possible to serve our clients. Consistency and quality are values we pride ourselves on, and they are vital for products that block electromagnetic frequencies in the field.

With new avenues for attack, the military must adapt and overcome to prevent any interference with communication infrastructure. Radar jamming and electromagnetic pulse attacks grow increasingly common, so EMI shielding is more important now than ever. If security is your priority, we can help.

In addition, the medical field has more important things to think about than devices malfunctioning on the job. With so many different gadgets operating in every medical facility, vacuum metalization for EMI shielding can give you peace of mind. Rest easy knowing your devices will always function at their peak so that you can provide the best possible care to your patients. Without EMI shielding, you risk ventilators and other life-saving devices delivering irregular breathing rates or interfering with the health of your patients.

You may not think the agriculture industry needs shielding from electromagnetic interference, but secure communications over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS are critical for everyday applications. Farmers across the country rely on us to secure their transmissions and field equipment. Dry summer months can also leave agricultural equipment vulnerable to electrostatic discharges—this can put equipment and people at risk. Our custom EMI shielding works to prevent electrostatic discharges and thereby prevent fires that pose threats to wildlife, equipment, and employees.

Our testing methods are well-documented and easily replicated, which means you can count on us to quickly implement EMI shielding solutions to protect your devices. If you have any device that needs EMI shielding, call us—we’re here to help.