Deep Coat most commonly serves 5 electronics industries and our customer base is growing each year as electronic devices become more interconnected.

Industries We Serve

Deep Coat is primarily focused on providing EMI shielding services to customers who mold or assemble plastic enclosures for electronic devices. Any enclosure that contains circuitry is susceptible to electromagnetic interference and may require shielding to attenuate electromagnetic noise down to an acceptable level. Deep Coat’s patent driven process can do just that for a range of applications. We are equipped to handle everything from tiny fiber optic connectors to large shielding grids designed to remove static buildup from data center HVAC systems. You can find details about our most commonly served industries below:

Rapid turnaround
of development projects

Custom Applications

Deep Coat is capable of small batch processing through our ability to organize products in our batch process. This helps us keep lead times and costs low for prototyping and development activities. We can work with your design team to develop hand-masked solutions and/or quick-turnaround 3D printed masking trials for proof of concept and testing scenarios.

and secure devices


Deep Coat currently serves an array of military customers with products ranging from electronic wearables and communication devices to control module covers. We work with fiber optic systems, shielded enclosures, and military-medical devices. There is significant crossover between our military and medical businesses as many military-medical devices require shielding above and beyond commercial requirements.

UL certified
& RoHS/REACH compliant


Deep Coat’s quality assurance approach helps our medical customers gain confidence in the repeatability of our coatings. Our testing methods are easily replicated and documented. Our processes are RoHS, REACH, and WEEE compliant to empower our customers to reach all accessible markets. Many of our processes are UL certified and we are able to work with UL to certify our processes on new plastic materials.

Enhanced field
equipment coordination


The agriculture industry customers that turn to Deep Coat for their metallizing solutions are typically looking to shield either communications devices (i.e. Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.) from interference or metering/fertilizing spray nozzles from static build-up in the field. Deep Coat offers multiple coating packages designed to support products in the rugged agriculture environment.

Component shielding
through rack protection

Cloud Computing

The data center environment can be especially susceptible to static build-up and electromagnetic interference. Deep Coat’s coatings can be applied to everything from PCB and component specific shields through case and rack shields. Our coatings can even be applied to air filtration systems to draw current out of the air before critical charges can accumulate.

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