How EMI Shielding Helps the Military

How EMI Shielding Helps the Military

Electromagnetic radiation threatens device function because it impairs the device’s ability to transmit signals without surrounding electronic interference disrupting them. With the proliferation of devices comes more potential for electromagnetic interference, or EMI. It is important to prevent EMI in commercial devices, but the need to protect military devices is paramount. Electronic warfare is a feature of modern war-making, and while this method is less visible than others, its effects are far-reaching. If military signals become damaged through EMI, that can translate to lives lost, missions squandered, and even diplomatic upheaval. Here is how EMI Shielding helps the military and protects devices, ranging from tanks to drones.

Communication Channels Stay Open

EMI shielding is a vital part of keeping the military’s lines of communication open. As devices evolve, their frequencies trended upward; this means that the risk of interference increases. To address the risk of interference, military networks must be isolated from both foreign militaries’ and civilians’ networks through EMI shielding and other supplemental methods. This benefits the team by keeping unwanted recipients of their communications out while protecting the integrity of their signals for their team. This allows soldiers to trust the intel they receive, speeds up their processes by eliminating jammed signals, and prevents enemies from leveraging this intel against them or other non-participant parties.

Complex Electronics Maintain Function

Communication is important, but EMI shielding also helps military devices function outside of their communication-based uses. Tanks and other large vehicles seem impregnable, but EMI that gets through some weak facet can disrupt their internal components, impairing overall function. Smaller devices such as drones, which allow for so many operations to be undertaken from afar, can also be hindered by EMI. Interference impacts more than just gear and vehicles—EMI can even inhibit large-scale industrial control panels.

This is why a barrier created specifically with an EMI shielding coating of metal coupled with appropriate enclosures is so necessary for military use. This method affords a consistent layering of EMI-resistant material that prevents miscommunication and malfunction, and doing so saves soldier and civilian lives.