Why EMI Shielding is Essential in Data Centers

Why EMI Shielding is Essential in Data Centers

As we see more and more technological advancements take root in our culture, we must also recognize the risks involved. Overcrowded data centers, which store an abundance of technological equipment, are extremely susceptible to such risks. These centers house servers that companies use to access all their data. Data centers are buzzing with various signals that essentially push each other around and compete for attention. This interaction between signals can decrease the quality of electronic devices, which is why EMI shielding is essential in data centers.

What Can Go Wrong

Data centers have to stay current regarding software and any technological advancements. With this in mind, it’s essential professionals integrate EMI shielding into any blueprints. But why exactly is this so important?

When you pack a data center full of equipment, such as power lines and UPS systems, this creates a nesting ground for unwelcome interference. Enter EMI—electromagnetic interference. EMI interacts with data centers as a result of extremely high levels of radiation. The irritation caused by this interruption can worsen if the data center is near technologically busy areas, such as airports.

The effects of EMI can be drastic. When it occurs, you may notice shaky monitor screens or system failures. At times, the interferences can be so bad that information gets scrambled and hard disks can become completely wiped. Additionally, some people use EMI to their advantage. They take it as an opportunity to intentionally mess with signals without having to take a step inside of a data center.

Don’t Neglect Protection

No one can stress enough how important data center EMI shielding is. Techniques such as vacuum metallization coat these products and protect important data from any unwelcome encounters. Imagine the floor of an apartment building with absolutely no walls—everyone’s furniture is set within invisible boundary lines, but unwelcome interactions with their neighbors will still occur. Everyone’s music and favorite TV shows will compete with each other, and the scents of everyone’s dinners will create a less than desirable smell. When you add the walls in, everything becomes contained and life can carry on as intended.

Equipment in a data center is like individuals in an apartment complex, and the EMI shields are the walls. It allows all these figurative residents to carry along without worry. Without these walls, harmony would be near impossible.

Ultimately, EMI shielding is the solution required amongst the bustle of today’s technological world. For those with pieces that need special EMI shielding coating applications, Deep Coat Industries can help. We will customize your plans to the very last detail—contact us today.