How Do Cell Phone Radiation Shields Work?

How Cell Phone Radiation Shields Work

It’s well-known that EMI shielding provides numerous applications in the healthcare, military, and data center industries. One subject that isn’t always mentioned, however, is the importance of EMI shielding in the cellular devices that we use daily. So, let’s repeat the question, how do cell phone radiation shields work?

Easing Fears

There has been much talk over the years surrounding the radiation exposed to us through cell phones. There have been whisperings about headaches, insomnia, and even cancer due to the radiation. While there are no confirmed studies linking cell phone signals to health problems, our cell phones emit signals daily, even when they’re in sleep mode. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which we can continue to reduce the impact of cell phone radiation on other device’s. For example, what many don’t know is that 4G services provide far less interference than 2G and 3G once did.

Technology Progresses

Another factor that can ease some of our fears is the growing prevalence of EMI shielding. This protection is integrated in the very earliest stages of mobile developments. The circuit boards inside our phones are coated or covered with fine layers of metals. If needed, these metals can create several minuscule layers of protection. Deep Coat’s vacuum metalization process atomizes these metals and deposits them onto shields that block components from emitting radiation.

The experts that develop EMI shielding must keep up with constantly evolving technology. As developers become more efficient in creating the designs of our personal devices, our phones become smaller and smaller. As such, anyone involved in the application process of these devices must be able to adjust with modern technology’s evolution.

The Right Professionals

The creation of shielding devices is an incredibly involved process, and it requires professionals that are knowledgeable in the industry. The experts at Deep Coat Industries are experienced in working with large companies that have specialized requirements. Still wondering, “how do cell phone radiation shields work?” If you want to know more about these specialty services, such as decorative EMI coating, explore our website and contact us with any other questions you may have. The experts at Deep Coat Industries are waiting for your call.