Custom-Designed Mold Masking

Deep Coat is excited to offer our customers 3D printed masking solutions to ensure that metal is not deposited in keep-out areas during the vacuum metallization process. We have several in-house 3D printing capabilities we utilize to minimize voids and over-coating. We also cooperate with a network of suppliers who can do the following: 

  • Provide diecut masking plugs and gaskets 
  • Acquire mating components—for example, to protect connector pins from the metalized coating 
  • Lay tape or liquid masking solutions over difficult-to-mask surfaces 
  • Thermoform an insert that would block specific surfaces from becoming metalized 

Achieving the Perfect Fit for Your Product 

Deep Coat’s team of engineers are highly-trained and experienced in custom-designed mold masking. This stage is critical in the vacuum metallization process to guarantee that there are no voids in the shielding of your product. Attaining the perfect fit for your product is essential to create a product with proper EMI shielding capabilities.