Modern Advancements in the EMI Shielding Industry

Modern Advancements in the EMI Shielding Industry

The rapid advancements made in electronic technologies over the last ten years has created the need for dozens of industries to keep up the pace. The congestion of these electronic devices causes worry for many professionals in terms of the radiation they produce. As we outlined before, EMI shielding is necessary to ease these worries. To stay on top of the changing times, shielding technologies are constantly advancing. Below are two industries that are seeing a change in the use of EMI shielding.


User convenience is necessary for modern vehicles, and there’s a demand for the implementation of appropriate electronic devices into car designs. Whereas companies worried about interference in radios before, we now have GPS, Bluetooth, and touch screen devices to consider as well. EMI shielding is now more difficult due to us owning these devices. Additionally, we lose some shielding due to the shift made in the materials used to create cars. Many cars today consist of materials other than metal, causing even more of a need to implement EMI shielding early in the development phase.


There are a few different ways in which EMI shielding positively impacts modern spacecraft. These shields protect spacecraft from radiation and factors such as thermal, mechanical, and radioactive disturbances. As of late, many noticed a change regarding the materials used to create shields for spacecraft. Before, a lot of EMI shields consisted of aluminum alloys, which were heavier than what many professionals consider to be the ideal weight. Today, many shields come from intercalated graphite fiber composites. This breakthrough may decrease the mass of the shields by up to 80%.

Companies Must Stay Current

It’s incredibly important that companies make the appropriate changes to keep EMI shielding applications current. They need to carry out the design processes to the finest detail to ensure the perfect outcome. Deep Coat Industries remains at the top of our game with our highly acclaimed vacuum metalizing services. If you’d like to know more about how we can serve you, please contact us today.